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  1. What are Mokapoints?

    Mokapoints are reward points entrusted to the customer for every order placed on Vafammoka.

  2. Where are my Mokapoints shown?

    In your personal area you will find all the information on the points earned with the purchases made.

  3. How to use the Mokapoints?

    The Customer joins the Program automatically by making online purchases on the website www.vafammoka.it/.com.

    The Mokapoints earned with each purchase can be accumulated and used in subsequent orders.
    Customers can decide to convert the points into a discount coupon upon reaching 100 points and will have a 5 € discount coupon in exchange.
    The Discount Coupon can be used only once, it cannot be divided, does not give the right to change and cannot be converted into money nor is consumers given any right to request, with or without adding sums of money, the possibility of receive different benefits and rewards.
    Coupons cannot be combined with each other.

    To take advantage of the voucher, the customer must place a minimum order exceeding € 30

  4. How much is 1 (one) Mokapoint worth?

    The value of the single Mokapoint is equal to € 1

  5. What does "WAITING FOR VALIDATION" mean?

    The Mokapoints will be available when the order is completed and processed.
    If you choose Payment by Bank Transfer, the points will be confirmed upon receipt of the transfer and therefore after completing the preparation and shipping procedure.

  6. Changes to the regulation

    Vafammoka S.r.l.s. reserves the right to integrate or modify the Regulations, taking care, however, that the changes made do not affect the rights acquired by the Customers.

  7. Various

    Participation in the Points Collection is free. The initiative takes place in compliance with Presidential Decree 26 October 2001, n. 430 and according to the instructions of the ministerial circular 28.03.2002, n. 1 / AMTC of the Ministry of Economic Development, to which reference is made for what is not expressly provided for in this regulation. Vafammoka S.r.l.s reserves the right to carry out all checks relating to the correct functioning of the operation, including the correct behavior of the participants. In the event that it is found that the participants have used fraudulent means and tools or in violation of the provisions of this regulation, they will be excluded from the operation with the loss of the accumulated points and any prize requested. Furthermore, in such cases, Vafammoka Srls reserves the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate and in compliance with the laws in force, 8/10 to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system designed for correct and regular operation. of the Points Collection.

    Any requests and suggestions can be sent by writing via e-mail to the address info@vafammoka.com