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Our philosophy Coffee is an excuse, "an excuse to tell a friend that you love him", said the unforgettable Luciano de Crescenzo and he was right; there is no meeting, conversation between friends, relatives or colleagues that does not end in front of a steaming cup;

coffee is a moment of escape…
What is evasion if you don't care about everything?

We could explain the Vafammoka project this way: the term, a nice fusion between the Neapolitan "fuck it" and the moka, the irreducible classic domestic coffee maker, refers to the liberating power of literally sending "to that country" everything that is wrong and smiling at him. back, how? with a coffee !: "go make the mocha"

There is nothing aggressive about "Vafammoka therapy", rather it is the art of learning to live more lightly, without being surprised by stress, it is loving yourself, learning to look within and listen to your desires

The profane expression typical of our times, is the bulwark of a post-modern philosophy based on rejecting anxieties that are often useless and unproductive, to bring order to thoughts and to restore the right priorities

A way to kick the problems that worry us and to enjoy the small pleasures of existence; a "vaffa", every now and then, is therapeutic! it is synonymous with inner freedom and just like a good coffee, it is a way of saying to yourself "now it's only me and what makes me feel good"

Let's take a break from everything, whether it's a mocha, a pod or a capsule, because coffee doesn't want thoughts

Vafammoka everyone!

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